Let us look at the way we consume Earth from a different view. I think what we are destroying here, is not the planet itself, but ourselves. Mother Nature has been here for millions of years, and will live on long after (if) we go extinct.

All these dystopian images, of fire and ashes, machine and the victory of AI over humanity, also an image. And slightly misguided, I believe. We often forget about the power of free will and capacity to regenerate, as society, as individuals. And we are also incredibly stubborn.

Just like our host. Earth. Burn down an entire forest, give it two years. One year, even. You will quickly see new seedlings grow out of ashes. Also, ash is an incredible fertilizer. And with the canopy having been cleared rays of sunshine reach onto the forest floor where combined with humidity, new flora is born.

Dandelions grow through concrete, slowly cracking their way up. Oil spilled into the ocean is slowly washed towards the shore and cleared through debris.

The implications of an oil soil are surely not as catastrophic as continuous air pollution. Or de-forestation.

With the death of many species come the birth of new ones. We can hardly grasp the complexity of the way species die and emerge all throughout the world. Earth has survived asteroid hit, and, even thrived more abundantly after. What we do not comprehend that with death always comes life. None of the two can dominate each other.

Precious microorganisms left after the impact are the basis of some of trhe species we see every day.

It is us. The human mind can decay. But even then there is hope. It is all about you. If you choose to think decay, that is what you shall experience. Same goes for the other extreme. Not saying either one is better than the other.

I am saying take a look and loosen up. Give Earth a chance to heal without too much human intervention. And making profits out of it too! I think it is enough to plant a tree, plant a seed, feed the ducks, feed the neighbor’s cat, or even pick up a piece of junk. Or even take a stroll to the market or cycle to the market, instead of taking a cab. Or taking your car.