Can there be immediate comprehension and conquest of a particular matter?

We seem to be gaining momentum into becoming better, or, elevated.

Starting next week, we are going to eat healthy, excercise, speak well, meditate, contemplate, reflect and ponder.

This urge of betterment comes from where? An idea? An image? An image of perfection towards which we all strive?

See for yourself if this makes sense or not.

Where is this action going to lead? Is there a point in the near future that we are going to arrive at and declare a sense of fulfillment?

But is it possible that the end point is already now? It is the zero point.

You cannot think of it, it happens by itself. While you comprehend these words it runs in the background.

No one can give it to you, although it can be shared. But never owned.

This sense of beginning, or ending, is just that, a sensation. Some call it elation, ecstasy, nirvana, I call it felicity.

Anything else is just seeking entertainment, a way of prolonging the long awaited encounter. And there's no doubt about it, we all do it, we all seek one way or another. It's part of being human.

So, can there be immediate comprehension and conquest of a particular matter, or issue? A way of learning, immediately, and finding solutions.

Can a human reach this zero-point?

If so, then yes. Swiftly, and without any effort.