Youthful rejuvination

  We sink back into a moment of recollection and let the mind loosen into a forgetful state.

For there is no better delight than the continuous exploration and expression of the divine play. The challenge is to express a single, timeless, wonderful moment into words.

Just being may very well be a wonderful expression of reality, yet, for the purpose of connecting through language ideas and words are born. For one to be able to write about a state that is unconstrained, one has to go through periods of withdrawal and manifestation.

As we age, we tend to put fabulous emphasis on the gravity of the world and our roles in it. And we forget about a simple yet effective rejuvenation. One that comes forth through vulnerability, and play. One that come through a recurrent re-adjustment of the mind. As the world progresses into a new story, each day, so we have to re-evaluate what doesn’t work for us anymore and weave ourselves into a novel story.

I do not advocate for any singular concept, but I urge the recognition of all sorts of states as being present. Or at least, as a dormant creature, buried under so many years of adversity.

The thing is, as you let your mind pleasantly change its course, you find gratitude in the chaotic conundrum of events and emotions. You find gratitude in someone being able to correct your presumptions. You feel refreshed after having your ideas re-shaped. After having your beliefs play themselves out and seeing them as false.

I tend to lean towards the teaching that cannot be taught, but rather, produced, out of the least accessible parts of our psyche. Cultivating your mind through reading serves as a basis for new ideas to come to life. Knowledge that does not have the necessary keys for understanding is just a bunch of gibberish. Equip your mind to accept more and more complex ideas.

See that you expose yourself to things you have never experienced before. As often as possible. Walk the path that you envision for yourself, not the path that is already paved. Become capable in your explorations, adapt your skills and bring them to fruition.

We usually gravitate towards things that are under control, we switch through those, switch the channels, switch through the waves, we switch to a new cell, or a new car, and as such life becomes a terrifying monotony.

This comfortable dullness and illusion sets in and it starts to solidify taking shape of monsters cloaked in our greatest fears. Fear of being exposed. Of being hurt. Of abandonment. Of failure (an illusion). Of hunger. Of disappointment. Of attachment. Of closure. Of loss. Of death.

These monsters are constantly lurking behind, slowly forcing us clothe ourselves in layers and layers of "protection". These layers slowly solidify and we wake up one day with serious mental, emotional and physical disorders.

It may be that your immunity is low, or that your muscles are stiff, almost jammed, or that your digestion has worsened. It may be that you have an unexpected injury.

Because you are not present, constantly in your head. It may be anything. Anything that is taking the load of your behavior.

Now, before you think this ain’t nothing, you need to sit back and feel this through. These layers can be shaken, or broken, indeed, but it takes a Swindler to do it.

Call it as you may, we all play roles. A bit counter-intuitively, the Smuggler, the Trickster or the Mugger, or the Jester, these are archetypes or roles that helped me overcome my blockages.

You see, the attainment of the Whole is not that of the highest spiritual persona but the exploration and familiarization of as many aspects of The Self as possible. The Self includes The Sage, The Sorcerer and The Smuggler as well.

To my mind, some of these roles fit better to some than others. But there's a tricky thing, playing your part, or trying your best and finding you simply cannot do it. Let it go. Maybe you play to a different tune. Check it.

There can be youthful rejuvenation but it has to happen through accepting the danger that comes with sailing through uncharted waters.

There is often a phenomenal antipode between an imagined gratification or completion and the level of maturity and unshaken aim that is necessary for it to happen.

The Divine play is the act of Creation itself, and it displays a heavy repetition in the sense of death and (re)birth being a constant.

This at one point presented a fantastic puzzle to me, as I was trying to use this repetition in the form of training and discipline to achieve my goals. Never have I ever thought that these rituals would bring anything other than the completion of my illusions.

As discussed earlier, thoughts in the form of expectations are illusory and a basis for pain and grief. And they present themselves in twisted ways. When thoughts are produced from the subjective constructs of the persona, they are prone to become a burden.

And this is where Divine Humor comes in. All that I have ever believed in was shown to be somewhat false and incorrect. All of my theories turned out to be flawed to some extent and lacking in clarity.

The realization was like a slap in my face. And there was no other way to deal with it than to laugh it off until hefty tears were rolling down my cheeks. And even more amusing was that I saw the same flawed prejudice in almost everyone I met.

As if the condition of being human is that of having mental limitations, of thinking in linear, algorithmic terms.

As being able to get to a planned destination there is a process of analysis that includes numbers, words and memories.

And the thing is that unless you are born genius you cannot take numbers and words to infinite complexity, one that would mirror reality in its actual form.

The attainment of freedom, or Satori, is the natural and easy consequence of smoothly walking on Tao.

And no person can speak of it without a sense of superficiality. A signature of Divine Humor, again, I suppose. Along with the shattering realization that everything is in decay.

In western philosophy this act of spontaneous and unhindered understanding is sought-after by any scholar of life, much like the quest of finding the Holy Grail. This fascination with life, people, philosophy and the ways of love comes about stronger every day.