What have we forgotten?

  That we (I mean you and me) are not the only ones creating and living in our shared world. Say, why do we still abide by a rigid, authoritarian system when we don’t believe in it anymore? Because there’s millions of us, living still within the same illusion. Me, together with my family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, social workers and so on so forth. Like it or not, we chose this.

By diligently paying our taxes, voting, wasting time on the tv, wasting time gossiping, wasting time. Sometimes I wonder at my very own comfort and pleasure seeking mind.

A wise old shaman once told me, how do you want to get out of this, when you have spent so many years feeding it? You’re in a spider’s web. You need to work at it, day after day, year after year. Does not happen overnight.

And I suppose this is the rewarding part of the whole process. What I notice, every day, it is not our circumstances, it is our mental blockages that reflect our circumstances. That pulls us back from Paradise.

Paradise has to be in you, colorful, like a carnival, open, joyful, peacefully active.

What is inside so is outside. So next time we open our mouth to complain about our politicians and the current corrupt system, better stop. They don’t fall out of the sky. They came from us.

The Gap between you and the Paradise you are seeking is the time you spend unlearning and unblocking. Unlearning education, unlearning authority, unlearning playing roles. Unlearning jealousy, pain, anger, fear. Unlearning comfort. Unlearning security.

What is inside, so is outside. This system is failing. It is time to create your reality the way YOU want it. The way you truly are. Free.

And it comes with patience. But it is coming.