Seems to me that the by-product of living within an abundant and buzzing society is a generation (or several) of chaotic and lost individuals. And notice how this is getting more and more hectic.

It has the potential to leave you paralyzed, stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. Then you start remembering details, of past events or future responsibilities. AT this point you can barely breathe. So you just try to lay low and let go.

It is funny, when the brain is stretched out to the max, can’t take anymore input, it starts to spit itself back. So you get this half-finished, fragmented thoughts. And some of them don’t even have an obvious link to each other.

It is the mind, seeking, seeking to entertain itself. So we consume images, we consume books, we consume each other.

Is there a way to scrub all of this excess information off? Or, is there a different source of entertainment for the mind?

How do you calm yourself after an overload of data? After there is no more sensory distraction. Can you look, truly? And find out on your own. How do you really function, why do you behave in certain ways? Am I actingon an impression I have of myself?

Can we morph into a new form after realizing how these processes numb the intellect? What does it take? You step aside and make room for experience, outside of the usual drama interaction.

And there is only Presence. And a certain stillness of mind that brings forth movement not of thought but of attention.