Running in circles in the same old routine, same old expressions, same old ideas, same old perspective, same feelings.

Is there not a hunger for change?

Well, circles exist everywhere, it is a motion we are looking at, not a static shape. A circular motion revolves around an axis, direction: any. Humans evolve around axis too. What is different for all of us?

Conscious choices. Revolutionary ideas.

But is it revolutionary because it challenges the old? Or because it demolishes ancient structures and build fresh on top? Or is it copying the idea of progress for the sake of progress?

You hear these folks, ā€œIā€™m all for progress!ā€ But really, they just want to buy the newest gadgets sold for high price.

Revolutionary could be taking your own ideas and reviewing them. Acknowledging that your brain can take only a few variables into consideration, per minute. And even those may be flawed.

So we sleep, and we reset our brains. In this sense even sleep could be considered as revolutionary.

And here comes the twist: take the word revolutionary and shove it down the tubes! Take the word unfolding, for instance, it takes some of the social status and pressure away. Unfolding sounds a little more natural, like it might last forever. Sounds like inevitable.

As the only thing you need to do is to hold on and see the world change itself by the minute. Like there is an algorithm that automatically spills out the gunk and replaces it with Novelty.

The point is not even to make a point, the point is to keep searching for the point, always.