It seems as though there is no other way around it. To live a balanced life is to live a life spiraling upwards through ups and downs. As if riding a roller coaster. It spins, it rattles, it shakes, it turns you upside down. And it cannot be mapped or understood.

We can use a similar analogy to how we view time. It in itself cannot be grasped. It flows through your fingers, like sand, never again to return. And this way we think about time as though we do not have enough of it.

“a matter of time”, “time equals money”, “I don’t have time for this”, “make time”, “down time” …

Funny how we keep referring to time as being somewhat external. Something that somehow is out there, it exists, with or without me.

Thing is, as we go deeper into it, so we realize that time is us. Time is me. Time is you.

The way a thought can last for one minute or one hour. The way your face has one more wrinkle, around your eyes. The way your hair grew, like a plant. The way clothes don’t fir anymore, the way they are way too loose.

Back and forth, thing is, we are so conditioned by the idea of time being external, that we rush through simple moments of life. Not being present, not paying attention, keep thinking about time.

Even though no one really knows what time is. So we put it on a device, and we call that time. We guide ourselves by that.

Debatable. Time is more than 0-12-1-24. Time is beyond numbers. Time id beyond the realm of thought.

We hurry because we think in terms of numbers. Like a race we will never truly win. Plus, the whole business of it is extremely stressful.

And the irony is that we take from our own time, from our own life, consuming ourselves too soon, too fast. Loosen up.

There is plenty of it.