The Mind and The Self

There is a power that is greater than that of good and evil. We are all familiar with the dual nature of reality, but this sort of distinction only breeds irritation and discouragement.

Indeed, there is movement of positive and negative charges and as such matter exists.

Nevertheless, we took this aspect and translated into divisions between humans.

We can all think of at least one kind of division we make in our daily lives.

And these boundaries exist from the lowest, to the highest level of cerebral understanding.

Hardly conceivable, this power that cannot be divided, and is not the opposite the evil, or bad, or negative. The human mind seeks security therefore it picks various concepts to label this it.

Thus it breeds every form of illusion.

How can we separate fact from illusion?

We might need to define what is fact and what is illusion.

But depending on the individual, the concept of fact and illusion may differ.

I take fact as the undeniable nature of existence. And it is part of the material, and part of the potential as well.

Illusion is what the brain makes of itself and of surrounding scenarios.

When there's thoughts involved, there is illusion.

There is a difference between what we define as brain, thought, expression, conceptualization and The Mind.

Even though there is a huge barrier in language, I will try to relate what The Mind feels to me.

Do you ever have a sudden idea, and you see it materialize instantly? Or do you ever ask, and have the realization of your request in the most optimal amount of time?

I think that is an action of The Mind.

The Mind is like a limitless bubble in which all aspects of creation are. And it is an exceptionally amusing thing, when you try to grasp what it is, it escapes your comprehension.

All the focus and attention is dispersed and you're left with a smirk, a loving smirk, The Mind in its monumental state.

As this happens, you can almost see the reflection of the one who inquires. "Turn the attention from the outside to the inside and seek to know yourself better first!"

But be aware, this is not within the realm of ideas expressed through words or concepts that the mind is able to grasp.

It is a state in which you can connect to anything and anyone, directly or indirectly.

A space in which we all exist - not as The One, but as aspects of The One. An aspect is not a division.

If there are others opening up to this vastness as well, you can meet them in a celestial dance and celebrate.

For a million years may feel like a second and your chances of being here are as slim as mine. Nevertheless, you are, and not as a consequence of your ancestors but as a consequence of those million years compressed into a millisecond.

What is the correlation between The Mind and The Self?

There is the idea of One-Self and in the hypothesis of Plato's Parmenides, the idea of The One-Self is described with negatives, as The One exists through positive and negative charges.

Therefore, he moves beyond this because The Self is the most fundamental or ultimate foundation. We may also notice a correlation between The Self and Atman, or Emptiness.

And how does the idea of The Mind fit into these relations?

The most profound experience we may have as humans in a lifetime is the whole light of being, or, the divine luminosity. Or, The Mind turning inwards to know itself. Do you ever get a moment of A-ha! but the next moment you already forgot?

Do you ever feel like this moment is perfect and if you were to die, today, you would die a complete man? Do you ever feel loved, so much so, that your chest feels like it is about to burst, like a dam? Do you ever notice how these moments are like milestones in your life, and without them you would run around, chasing your own tail?

When one can sit with oneself in silence and allow all the hidden or repressed emotions to manifest themselves, it eagerly comes about.

When one sheds social and cultural conditioning that leads to insecurity and - ironically - a well pumped self-image.

When one finds joy not in loneliness but in solitude. Then clarity occurs. And this clarity can be then shared with fellow landsmen to the degree that each individual is open or willing to accept it.

And it might sometimes be perceived as ignorance towards others emotions.

The truth is that oftentimes we are secretly yearning for someone to cause us discomfort and break down our superficial disguises. It is a game and the rules need to be changed from time to time.