The (Other) One

Whatever you may feel - it is alright. If it is heavy, or light... Disappointment, anger, sadness, pity, confusion, peace, joy, love, and everything in between. Longing, affection, tenderness - whatever it may be, let it unfold. Let it fuel you.

Let it push you over your boundaries and thus explore further aspects of who you may be - momentarily. It doesn't matter, from a greater view. Just keep exploring.

Let all of your attachments go for a second and breathe in. See yourself in a new light - every - day. If you don't reach your highest standards today, you may, tomorrow. Or the day after.

As disappointment, really, is a lesson in disguise. Everything is a lesson. We get those of the most wonderful kind from the people we grow fondest.

As a reality that disintegrates is a sweet reminder of how relative humans are. And how, if I may, find solace in The One - in myself.

Then I may become a pillar for others to lean on, temporarily.

There is this concept, of finding "The One" - the "other" - who matches your setup so well - so precisely - in so many ways - we call them soulmates. We narrow down our perspective to one singular being who may embody our ideals.

But the thing is, it is more than One. It is millions. Millions who match our frequencies - on many levels. As more and more are waking up and opening to the Divine play. Serving a higher purpose - Life. We meet them and they are all soulmates.

More and more alive. Exploring and sharing the infinite nuances of love and joy. It is almost like a recognition. "I know why you're here".

I know that somehow we are here to walk on different paths towards the same vision. We may even become partners, comrades, lovers, for some time.

This kindness towards Nature, and Living, adopts as many shapes and forms as we are. We are all going through this shift in our own way. Let others do what they want to do. Give them carte blanche.

See how much you can do, for how long, when, where, and with whom. Gracefully set boundaries. Say it, the way it is.

Respect yourself and your word. Show that you mind. (if you do) Responsibility is an act of caring - towards a more beautiful world. That we may yet live to see. Today, tomorrow, who knows.

Failure is nothing other than trial. You need to be brave and take risks. In as many ways as you can. They will know, if you behave out of a state of genuine interest or pretense. Everything and everyone around you will respond accordingly.

-Who are "they"? -

Others? Aren't others the same as I AM? Well then why should I act and feel as if I were small, separate, wronged, cheated on, lied to? The way to deal with this is to break it all apart - all the programming - all the need - the greed - the expectations - the demand for security - for fulfillment - for attachment - to another or to any other.

And once again, consider - that what I call other, or you, is still me, incognito. A point of attention, just another perspective - another story. And if I were to lie to you I would be lying to myself and if you were to lie to me you would be lying to yourself.

Do you realize - there is a very familiar sensation, when you start judging someone. It just doesn't feel right, you know, or maybe it does, but for a very limited period. Like a hit, from a cigarette, or a piece of cake, or a bottle of champagne. It's nice and all, but, it doesn't last long.

It has its consequences. No matter how smart you are, or how clever you are, or how intelligent you are, or how wise you are, or how enlightened you may be, judgment, placed on others, is placed on yourself.

How can we know better if we are not in the same position? Remember. That as long as we exist - we share the same organism.

As you walk on this surface - it starts to crack open... And you can sense it. The building blocks - the network - the same truth - that makes me - me and you - you.

And so being in love is a truly amazing feeling - because it tears the veil of separateness apart.

It may also change the course of your attention from one person to All. This is the magic of meeting a kindred soul. You step into a selfless form of love - with any and all who lives...and it almost sounds too swell.

Don't even need to direct this flow into a specific direction - not necessarily - you only need to be. Your purest form. True. With those so-called flaws and all. See those for what they really are - aspects. Many, many aspects. Small intricacies. Look closer. Who are you, really?

Nobody knows. So, don't worry about the masquerade. Outside the labels and the words, nobody really knows. And even if they do, they know too little. And that too, they will forget. As they shall perish. As we may be joined, finally, in eternity, and it will feel like it was yesterday.

We looked at each other, we saw. A moment we were born. A moment we recognized each other for who we really are - bound - for eons - sharing the same sense of beingness. Affectionate. Familiar.

I knew that I knew you. I knew you under many names. Many times. I felt what you felt. A sense of sacredness. Of beatitude. Still, even being close to you healed me. Made me feel tranquil.

As two people weren't present in two separate bodies, but present in a state of absolute, unconditional love, of recognition. Of the same essence - same depth.

I reached deep inside of you, and for a moment you felt eternal, and I, lost sense of who I was. The persona ceased to exist. The speaker. The writer. The Jester. There was Presence, and nothing else.

In that moment I knew myself better, through you.

We delved into our deepest trenches and brought about something that had long been forgotten, hidden, in both of us - for fear of being hurt. Or judged.

A feeling that moves mountains, rivers, yet, at the same time, still, like the surface of a lake, undisturbed.


Something that had nothing to do with me, really, or with you, no. Not with the two individuals, but with the Origin. The family. That is us. All of us. Together.

No drama interaction, no haste. No hard feelings. No verdict. No label. But acceptance. Vision. Adventure. And a sense of belonging. To each other to All.

Ay aye!