How is it possible, i thought, that I am able to have an actual shape? What is it that holds me in place? Because no matter how much we zoom into it, to the smallest particles holding us together, to 1/10 of a preon, the smallest point in this universe, there is no actual solid form. Or, better say, it being so small it has almost no size. 

I think this is what puzzled me the most. That what my existence implies is space. That what I am being held together by is a form of movement. A push and pull kind of force. Like the field of a magnet. 

And out of all the probable combinations of particles, events, movement and thought, through evolution, I exist in such a manner that I am a particular person. With a conscious mind. Just like you. Just like every other conscious being. 

 And then I arrived to the point of a shape being in relation to another shape. As no matter how close we get to each other there will always be a tiny bit of space left. And this space is what determines the relation. As I am, in a way, a figment of everybody's imagination, mine, as well. 

And its wonderful! It in itself is just a peculiar event that through observation brings forth entertainment of the mind. 

That somehow, out of all the various forms of life, in this immensity, we get to meet and exchange ideas. 

And what importance does it have? In the grand scheme? I think none. But maybe in some way, by thinking of every action, no matter how small, creating a ripple, it is important as a means to understanding. By looking at it. As. It. Is.