Prayer becomes Essence

Inspiration does not come on demand. It never happens as expected. You open a door and wait for it to enter but it either never does, or it seldom does, or it does, but days, weeks, months later. Or it enters through another door.

Or something else does. Or maybe for you it is completely different. It is never the same. It has to do with attention, and direction. You may have some resources, or affinity, and inspiration will take the shape of whatever objective you have in mind. One singular objective.

For example, if I have a project that requires knowledge and skills in woodworking, inspiration will come in terms related to the design. But at the same time if I try to write, I would find myself in a void.

And it is okay. I will leave it for when it feels right. I will leave it for when I would have something meaningful to say that is so natural that I wouldn't have to think about it too much. Creativity cannot be forced without giving off a sense of discomfort.

Inspiration is natural. Like breathing. It is the part of, and the precursor to the creative process. A natural force, like high tide and low tide.

It has its own terms and you must abide by it. Or better say, you could recognize its movement and become synchronized with it. When it finally hits you and your hands seem to be moving by themselves with a clear sense that, this. Is right. Translating images into physical form.

Uhmh. Is it voluntary? Or involuntary. Or is it simply a matter of tuning in? Like a radio catching different channels based on the bandwidth. So maybe our minds work like this.

After all, ideas are around us. Permeating every surface, every object, every piece of matter, [...] and the space binding all of it together. They always were, are, and will be, universally available to all.

You think they are your own? Try locking them into your conscious mind. They spill out, or maybe they are already out, or maybe your mind is the one that is out there. Reaching far out, like tiny strings or, tentacles, scouting the terrain.

Alike ideas spring up all around the globe, from different cultures + different upbringing + different periods + different necessities + different social structures + different religious beliefs + different alphabets + different numeric systems.

The data is present. It is up to you to translate it into your own, unique, almost unrecognizable form. Bend it. Let them think it through. Shouldn't be too obvious, yet, on the meta - level it will always make sense.

Alikeness. It appeals to and arouses many or few, depending on the style, taste and current. But now, enough of this. Let us focus on the Process now. On the creative Process.

So what is Creation? Can it be meditation? Or a form of? What is the relationship between the Creator - or the Demiurge - and its creation? What is the relation between the model and the copy?

We need to think of these as of mechanisms, or action, rather than two separate concepts or 'things' and a link between them. In the platonic tradition, Creation is an act of Reflection.And this is a crucial point to consider, as an artist creates pieces alike to him/herself. They are a mirror image of their own internal life, even if they may be copies. Or authentic.

As the character is pregnant with an idea, and stays so until ready to give birth to it. That is, to a version of oneself, an aspect, a stage, or a story, a dream.

Well now, creation shouldn't be such a grueling thing, should it? As it requires a state of reflection. And reflection is a natural thing, well all do it. All the time. To some degree. Without noticing.

But what if the process itself is so hefty that one may go through shifts in the meantime and the piece would no longer reflect its master? One would have to constantly readjust the whole for it be a perfect mirrored image.

This is the relationship. Model and copy. The copy is the piece. And the way to Novelty is through Essence. Essence is the act of the One turning upon itself wholly, simultaneously, grasping its entirety. And it implies reason, and intellect. To unravel oneself piece by piece. Moment by moment. Make use of its knowledge.

One of the reasons so many artists copy (not inspire, but copy) each other is that they do not have Essence. Or they are not aware of it just yet. The act of Reflection is dismissed and so we have yet another da Vinci or Vermeer.

Being absorbed in oneself, in the act, until it is finally finished (is it ever, though?) - constantly judging it - comparing it - feeling it out - adjusting and readjusting it. Bringing order out of chaos.

And this is it, yes? This is Creation. Putting it all together, piece by piece, the One and the piece. The two cannot be separated from each other.

So we have chaos, which is the cumulus of data available to any. Inventor, Chemist, Writer, Physicist, Painter, Chef, Architect, Sculptor, Composer. It's free. But it needs to be put into a coherent, beautiful (subjective) form, or sequence.

And that requires knowledge and skill (which comes with practice) and a meditative state. A mixing of the Same with the Other. Of the blueprint (which is the Same) and the function (with is Other), that is constant movement. Restless. Timeless.

This process is the Union of men within themselves. The process of Man becoming One with its Creator and therefore with its own creation.-H!- This is the idea within The Mind of the Demiurge. Unity through complexity.

And even though it seems like two opposing themes, on a higher level, they meet (literally, they all melt into each other) and it really doesn't matter anymore which one is which. It just (so) happens (that...) .

So to create is to bring order out of disorder. We may even go as far as to say that the only chaos one needs to tackle is the one within the Soul. And The Mind. And then everything follows naturally.

Through reflection, or meditation, which really, is the same. And so prayer becomes Essence. Not some teaching or some words followed by other words. But rather, watching. Watching the movement. A process that is ongoing, forever. Fell free to disagree.