30 minutes into Nothing

It was almost as if it wasn’t. A place where there is nothing at all. It is difficult to comprehend, or even talk about.


You cannot ask another to have a certain acknowledgment of the past. Or a better understanding of the present. Some simply don’t have the experience or the interest and it is as simple as asking a pirate to serve the country or the nation.

A course of events

Sometimes it strucks me, how we take life for granted.How we take our bodies for granted. Remember we exist as a consequence of cosmic events. All the celestial bodies in all the galaxies, forming, colliding, travelling through space, morphing.


There has to be a clear distinction between “messing up” and having learned a lesson. The two are not parts of the same process. These are two distinct ways of framing human thought.


Make your own life valuable by everyday implementing a little bit of that larger goal. That goal that we hardly ever talk about directly. The undisclosed one. The one that cannot be named, only felt.


Once in a while stop and think, well, what does one want to convey? Is one who holds the truth? No. does one want to teach? No.


Stories can be either listened to, spoken of, written, or lived. Either of someone or something else, or of yourself. You can write your own story as you're living it.

Can we change the past?

We tend to think of the past as a sequence of events that is stored within the human collective database as a fixed information.  Where?

Challenge the crook!

Every now is different from every other now. I can make it spin, I can make it jump around, I can make it lay flat, I can make it tick. I can make all of it work for me!


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Well, true, but then why do we feel need to prove our own? If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there is no need to wear feathers. You already have them, in your own eyes


Maybe we were not made to be tossed around like cattle in a slaughterhouse. Maybe we had enough of the way things are currently run.

Generate/ regenerate

Let us look at the way we consume Earth from a different view. I think what we are destroying here, is not the planet itself, but ourselves. Mother Nature has been here for millions of years, and will live on long after (if) we go extinct.


Know how to value yourself correctly. It is a tricky thing, you know, having a job, a position, a role, a profession, and not identify with it. 


It embraces you, and you cease to exist. There is a moment of resistance, actually a whole internal dialogue. The persona speaking to itself and into the narrative. 


Human beings are like a bottomless pit. It might not look like it first, but it sure is true that while you live you never cease to explore who you are. 


When you arise in the morning, give thanks to what you are about to live through. It makes the whole thing so much easier. 

Nurture the Truth

  “You are a girl, you must be able to name flowers! “And then their plants die of insufficient care and attention. These are the same people who put too much emphasis on looking and acting in a certain way because you.are.a.girl. 


It seems as though there is no other way around it. To live a balanced life is to live a life spiraling upwards through ups and downs. As if riding a roller coaster. It spins, it rattles, it shakes, it turns you upside down. And it cannot be mapped or understood. 


There are so many ways to reach fulfillment.
“Failure is not an option”. Really Maybe it turns out to be the best thing you could have done to propel you towards success.

Meaning within another meaning

How we use relationships to our advantage and why we think in scarcity is another worthwhile topic to tackle. Friendships that we move in and out of on a regular basis. Where we relate to each other in such a swell manner we mistake a momentary excitement to a profound connection.


 They say “sky is the limit”. If I may, well, is it really? The limit of, or to what? What is a limit?