Nurture the truth

  “You are a girl, you must be able to name flowers! “And then their plants die of insufficient care and attention. These are the same people who put too much emphasis on looking and acting in a certain way because you.are.a.girl.

Why does it matter if you know all the correct sounds science has given nature? Why does it matter so much? Indeed it is useful to be able to make a clear distinction between them and know their usage. Know how to cultivate and care for them. Otherwise, their names have no relevance.

This is the thing, women tend to mistake their inherent nature – compassion, care, attention, nurture – to what they should come off as.

This is why so many aesthetically oriented industries are booming!

And why there are beauty pageants every year, miss America, miss Asia, miss Africa, miss universe, miss this, miss that.

Slaves are still working inhuman hours for dresses you wear twice a year, maybe!

Who cares about poverty in Africa if you can spend your bucks in a nice and clean resort, without having to look around and witness who actually carries the load?

Why does it matter if you can continue this parade, without having to suffer for the consequences of your pride?

Why should you water that plant or that tree if you can buy new things? But it matters! What do we leave behind? A pile of junk or a newborn forest? It matters if we can make this place a little bit greener and cleaner, it matters if you pay attention to your emissions. And it matters if we can do this together. It matters if we can restore the beauty and glory of our planet.

We all have to gain from this.