Meaning within another meaning

  How we use relationships to our advantage and why we think in scarcity is another worthwhile topic to tackle.

Friendships that we move in and out of on a regular basis. Where we relate to each other in such a swell manner we mistake a momentary excitement to a profound connection.

Be it material, physical, mental, we see a kick out of each other.

These moments come and they pass and soon we are off searching for more.

Is there a common direction that would override this mental and physical stimulation? A goal that would mean more than me or you. Where we join our forces and focus on a preferred outcome, without attachment to it.

I have something you need, and you have something I need. But is there a way of seeing past our necessities? Can I see to your necessities? Can I benefit from you being well off? Can I fulfill my dream by helping you fulfill yours too?

Can we think in collaboration instead of competition? Would I be able to share my possessions with you? Would I be able to let go of my comfort for you to heal and grow, together, with me?

And more importantly, would I be able to actually do it instead of just asking?

The more I give away my belongings, the more I make space for Novelty and adventure to enter my life. Abundance does not necessarily translate into material, physical or numbers.

More into the readiness to receive Joy and Bliss.

And into the ability to make fortunes from nothing.

We came here to take part in the ongoing process of Creation.

Genesis is a Stream, not a story.