Human beings are like a bottomless pit.

It might not look like it first, but it sure is true that while you live you never cease to explore who you are.

We tend to trouble our mind with fixed outcomes, precious, cute little stories.

And whether you believe in these stories or not, you're in for a big surprise. Your life will be turned upside down. Either way, it will be turned. Twisted. Multiple times. So you don't get too cozy with momentary gratifications.

It feels like diving in deeper and deeper. I've already made the reckless decision to jump in head first. I never thought I could breathe underwater though. So I inquired about what was going on down there.

And the textures, man, the shades, were so catchy I could've stayed for an eternity.

I found there is life where I thought there is only darkness and death. Oh, and how eager it springs up, boiling, and fast! The gas is as nutritios as your morning shakes and smoothies.

In fact, you can thank your breakfasts, second breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks to this miraculous explosion of essence. Millions of tiny agents of transportation play a role in dispersing these elements and delivering them to your doorstep. The ocean's slime, phytoplankton.

How much of this aspect of life do we consider when we go about our lives whining about the small things, that really, we should be thankful for.

None of us have it easy. Lift your load, and carry it! Support comes at exactly the right time, in the manner that will help you overcome your limitations. Those limitations that bring up hardship and pain. Not sooner. Not later. No more. No less.

All the extra is either spoiled, broken, lost, or stolen.

Be aware, my friend, of all the smaller things keeping you alive and breathing.