They say “sky is the limit”. If I may, well, is it really! The limit of, or to what? What is a limit?

Is it skin, is it a visual field? I snowing or not knowing a limit? Do numbers have a beginning or an ending? Or the events unfolding into eternity…

Is perception a limit? Maybe thinking of having a limit is the limit. Maybe time is a limit. Or space. Or money. Or belief.

What is it that still separates me from you? Is it chemistry?

Is it interest? Is it values, or wishes? Maybe pride, still, I believe images separate each other.

Or imagination. Does this limit make us feel discouraged? Of addressing each other openly. And honestly. Do we not wish for connection? Do we also look away when the connection gets too deep, too “personal”?

Why do we hide? And what do we hide?

Diving into it head first, examining. Asking questions and weighing in all the variables a human brain can take.

For a second is infinite, and so are you.

Treasure you uniqueness.