When you arise in the morning, give thanks to what you are about to live through. It makes the whole thing so much easier.

You can have it either your way or someone else’s way.

The difference between abundance and scarcity, between sickness and health, between advantage and disadvantage is that of daily decision making.

Those who lack will (most probably) remain in the same position and those who are abundant will attract even more abundance into their lives. This is the way things are and have been since man because conscious of himself. So write that song, sing it, paint that canvas, write down your poem, build those arches, even, sell those flowers the best way you can!

Keep one goal in mind and think of it every day. This is the kind of freedom that no one, ever, can take away from you.

Keep your freedom to reject guilt and such emotional games. The freedom to be tranquil in times of hardship and chaos. The freedom to experience pleasure. 

The freedom of feeling jolly well for no apparent reason. 

The freedom to grieve, the freedom to rage and despair.

The freedom to live life as an adventure!

The freedom to laugh at yourself, and accept being susceptible to foolish behavior. The freedom to cry when you are happy, when you feel overwhelmed. When you don’t know what to do.

You zoom out for a second and you realize, that for this moment I will be forever thankful. Because I am. And because You are. Because when you need, help comes from the least expected places, in the least expected manner.

An enemy becomes your friend and we shake hands after this match I over.