It embraces you, and you cease to exist. There is a moment of resistance, actually a whole internal dialogue. The persona speaking to itself and into the narrative. Back and forth, until the mind becomes weary and releases some of its grip.

And the exaltation washes over you. Pure, unconditional love and presence. Comparable to a nurturing figure overseeing one’s internal efforts.

It is true, the best of it comes when you are aching the most.

Because that is when you let go. Of yourself. Of everything. And you let this comfortable feeling take over and heal you. And you feel sheltered and supported.

Nothing and nobody can hurt you, because you are not a narrow perspective anymore.

It is a sensation that can hardly be described. It is warm, almost burning hot. Similar to the embrace of a mother. Loving and kind.

And you dedicate your life to her because she gave you unlimited hope when there was none.

Salvation is an act of understanding.