You cannot ask another to have a certain acknowledgment of the past. Or a better understanding of the present. Some simply don’t have the experience or the interest and it is as simple as asking a pirate to serve the country or the nation.

It is never going to happen. We have different mental and emotional constructs. And no matter how much I showcase my opinion no one is going to accept it unless they have it too, inherently. Or have a blind faith in what is being said because they cannot discern for themselves.  

It still is, my view versus yours. You pick a position from which you speak, I pick mine, and therefore we shall be forever in two different realms. I’ve seen this time and time again. How is my view more accurate than yours? If I look from your perspective.

We all hit these limits at some point. And we get dissatisfied, because lo and behold, or expectations haven’t been met.

Deal with it.

We are so eager to take up these characters, and act out certain pre-designed scenarios.

But we miss the small details of the dialogues. What is really bothering you? Listen. Are you really this person? Do you really think this way?

Do not be too eager to deal out judgement. You only need to decide what to do as you move forward. And truth be told, no matter how much you invest into a solid argument, people remember what you actually did.

In this sense, growing a patch o forest, for example, has a much bigger impact on Earth and humanity than your own beliefs and impressions.