Know how to value yourself correctly. It is a tricky thing, you know, having a job, a position, a role, a profession, and not identifying with it. We make images and assumptions about each other based on that.

We interact from an incomplete standpoint. People come and say unpleasant things to you, volunteering their own opinion on you, because they are xyz, and they think that you are this and that.

And here’s the barriers of pride we create around ourselves.

Because we can only get offended by something we are deeply insecure about. A cask of lack of confidence. Next time someone deals out decrees about what you are doing, right or wrong, be cautious. Look within and make your own discipline.

If it doesn’t ring true, understand the person is only playing out his/her own emotions.

Know that life is so much more than this drama interaction.

Let it go. Relax.