Forget about the analysis


Why is it difficult to deal with disapproval?

Why is it a strong emotional trigger having our beliefs questioned? Or opposed.

Do we actually identify with those, and if so, do they become part of who we are? We may ask, then, are we really a makeup of our beliefs?

Is this why we hold onto a thesis so fervently?

How is it shaping our discernment?

Are these the factors that are limiting the accuracy of our perception? I think some of these stories are so ingrained within our reasoning, we lose sight of them, of their influence.

Forget about the analysis for a moment. Forget about the argument.

Anyone can come up with a (well-worded) opinion.

Unquestionably there are branches of science or political parties, ideologies backing up each of our views.

Or us theirs.

'Good' or 'Bad'

Remember, our convictions are always supported.

Be it a popular, mainstream story, or a less known, almost controversial one.

It is all the same.


From a certain point, it's just another coin. You choose which side you want to be on.


We pick a deity and worship it.

It is the worshipping.

The kind of blind faith in an external authority.

Not checking in with several sources and making a personal judgement.

We cling onto these external figures for guidance and support. Because it makes us feel safe.

I do it too. I use them as anchors to give me a 'worthy' direction. But they are still external, therefore perishable.

Easily reinterpreted to fit our desires.

We do it automatically. (do we really, always?)

We are born into a belief structure.

I mean, it is what we have been grasping since we begun distinguishing words. Starting with the ten commandments.

Right? Or left.


Sure, but the thing is, once we meet others with opposing views, we go berserk. And that is mostly due to the circumstances of our upbringing.


It doesn't matter if it is stranger, or friend, family, colleague, partner or spouse.

We lose this sense of humanity.

Start putting labels that are limiting the interaction.

Remember. It is the need for interplay.

Which means you are bored and looking for some intellectual action to satisfy your need for an exchange.

You want that kick. And to call it positive or negative, is still your interpretation.

That's all fine. A human needs interaction. See how useful is trying to persuade another that you are right and they are wrong. Or that they are misinformed, or limited, reading the wrong articles or watching the wrong channel.

Place a right winger and a left winger into the same room, for a day, and see who wins the argument. Place a raw-vegan and a carnivore into the same room and see who eats whom.

Watch them trigger each other.

And I think we each have our own soft spots. For a while, at least. It is either the talk about sugar, or industrialized meat consumption, or chemicals, or God, or. The newest fad, the C-19 V.

Anything that may be subject to pros and cons.

We have a say in these very important matters, just like we have a say in what others are doing with their lives. And how we may have a solution to their problems.

That's cool.

But did they ask? And if they did, are they open to taking it in without prejudice?

Can they let their beliefs go and listen?

- Put the textbook back onto its shelf!

Tell me, why does it matter if anyone other than you is right or wrong?

Tell me, how would proving them would help you on the long run?

That piece of yours you wanted to complete, or

That book you wanted to finish,

That swanky home, or boat or whatever you wanted to build.

That track you wanted to record,

That canvas you wanted to fill,

That garment you wanted to design,

That land you wanted to inhabit.

Are they going to manufacture themselves while you're here, showcasing your automatized behavior?

It is not about 'You'.

It is about 'Me'.

Figure it out.

Use your resources wisely.

Turn around and walk away if you don't find the circumstances allow any more room for growth, in any direction. Especially in a back-and-forth.

It is acceptable.

Maybe not socially, but hey, it should be permitted by you, for you. Or me.

Or either.

Try to make a distinction between a confrontation that is necessary and constructive, and one that is kind of loopy.

Going on for longer than necessary, without any valuable conclusion.

Leaving you drained, useless.

Isn't there benefit in a well-managed debate? Heated or otherwise.

You may walk away with some addition to your psyche. You may find out more about yourself, and about the other(s). Or about an underlying truth present in all of the particulars brought to the table.

The key is to respect and hold space for others to have their own. Make room for improvement. Always. And accept the fact that your ideas could be incomplete or one-sided. It is so important.

It's not me versus you.

It is, how are my intellectual or cognitive programs playing themselves out right now, and how are yours. Is there a position in which the data is not relevant anymore, but rather that space that we hold for each other? A basis for further exploration.

Can it be used to create something tangible? Either individually or collectively. Is it possible to take a neutral stance and do your own thing while the masses go into a bitter drama? Politically as well as economically.

Is it okay to just watch and wait?

What for?

Well, if you don't have a pro or contr evaluation, or if you don't hold onto it so fervently, are you even in the game?

Are you still a player?

Or just a passive observer.

What does the world need right now?

Does it matter? Who needs what.

The people will hear what they want to hear to keep themselves into a push and pull, fear-based dinamic.

What kind of intervention would make things plentiful and functional?

Self-help. Outside of the text-books.

Letting things out, putting them on the table without shame.

Respect and acceptance of ourselves. Then easily of others.

Genuine acknowledgement of infinite ways of being.

It is as indispensable as watching the sun wake in the east and set in the west.

When you realize you are battling the inevitable you stop battling and shift your focus into another, more beautiful and fulfilling direction. Worth it.

And I know this is different for each, but once you've made this decision, you will see that the world opens up to you in ways that leave you flabbergasted.

All roads lead Home.

Greenery is always an option. And diversity. Clean air, water. Rich soil.

Clever, useful designs, structures, art.

A 21st century Renaissance and you being part of it.


Then we can talk.