Challenge the crook!


It struck me one night, as I was almost feeling sorry for myself. This particular issue, exists only in my head. Only in thought. The fact remains: We are shaping our realities based on our perceptions. And not only that, the fears we have are all boiled down to a lack of confidence. In being who we really are. In acting how we feel at the moment.

So as I was sitting there by myself, contemplating on how I can make peace with whatever was bothering me, the sudden realization hit me that it was me, all along! If someone else would have said the same, I would have told them I already know the story.

I had to stop trying to make things better, to make the feeling go away. Or pretend like it is not even there. Or pretend like everything is fine!

And whatever nasty experience I have is shaping my reality is fueling my feelings and reactions.

But that shouldn’t be the case for now. Every now is different from every other now. I can make it spin, I can make it jump around, I can make it lay flat, I can make it tick. I can make all of it work for me!

It is I who has to change, not you!

There is a fixed character of reality that holds all the mutable aspects of itself. If you understand what is happening, why, and how, you can play with it. But be careful, none of it is your merit, yet all of it happens because of you.

Let your center tranquil, and your mind will follow. Then your body will adjust.

If I ask, can the past ever be changed? Really, I am asking, what is the blueprint and what is the function?