Can we change the past?


We tend to think of the past as a sequence of events that is stored within the human collective database as a fixed information.


In a collective memory?

I certainly don't have a very reliable memory. Past events are morphed based on my perceptions, attention and emotions.

I may even remember things that never happened. I may remember handing you a piece of matter - only to find out I never did. I may forget telling you about something.

I may remember you using certain words that fit into my personal view perfectly. You may remember using slightly different words or tonality that serve your view.

If we step out of all that, and we ask again, can the past be changed?

What comes to our mind?

Are we referring to the past as part of a linear time scheme?

Is it possible that when we adjust our interpretation of certain events from history, actual evidence starts to pop up?

How is it that two opposing views on any given occurrence have been supported by tangible proof? There is data supporting the wildest and even the most common storylines. It's like a joke.

Up to you.

Your convictions will always be supported.

There is a fixed character of reality that holds all the mutable aspects of itself. If you understand what is happening, why, and how, you can play with it. But be careful, none of it is your merit, yet all of it happens because of you.

Let your center tranquil, and your mind will follow. Then your body will adjust.

If I ask, can the past ever be changed? Really, I am asking, what is the blueprint and what is the function?