Break the patterns!

What prevents you from saying the things you ought to say? Is it a sense of lacking a proper, up-to-date insight? Or shame? With shame comes the need to apologize and contain a deeper impression.

„Be careful not to step on any toes!” What is this? Fear of being stigmatized and rejected? Inhibited. Or maybe it's simply a lack of presence.

In the case of presence, there is no such thing as wimpiness or impertinance. It is a matter of recognizing whether a situation asks for a commentary or not. Just look at things the way they are.

Do that, at least once, watch from an absent standpoint. Don't take any stance. Don't try to agree or disagree. Plainly relax into a sense of intellectual freedom.

We are living in such contrasting world views right now, our realities are so far from each other, yet,

they all are, somehow, coherent and valid. Each in their own way. And the whole scheme is built in such a way that, to a degree, it forces you to pick one side. „I will be on one side, you on another and...” you know the rest.

Nonetheless, we may notice a world in which all of them fit, in a parallel fashion. Each having a different set of rules and relationship towards the environment. A world in which all of this happens for a reason, depending on whom you ask.

At this point, it seems to me like nature is „the” real foundation to build a future upon. Living organisms. A system that works in an organic, familiar way. A network much more similar to the way we are (were, and will be) than any other.

Being yourself is the easiest and most efficient way to make progress. That you (or „I”) that does not exist within fixed parameters. That Essence of you. Recognize and accept it.

These dramatic dissimilarities we exhibit are still, only particularities. Aspects that may be understood deeply through dialogue. After all, it's these differences that rouse interest and inquiry. (similarities are binding us in a very wholesome way)

The joy: Unknown. Seeing different parts of the world, new tastes, smells, sounds. Unusual customs. Meeting someone new. But even more meaningful than all of this is,

meeting new versions of others and of ourselves, through others. New versions of familiar figures and, New forms of expression.

There is a liberty to express ourselves in unprecedented, intentional ways. Respecting each other's process. Living with a spontaneous mind that is absolutely necessary for creation.

Only through this instinctual enactment can there be a (r)evolutionary structure and coherence. Humans are like this. Always a work in progress, never a final product.

I am just as much a work in progress as you are. Instead of being miserable for how things "did or didn't work out", take a moment and think...

...that this sense of misery is really, me musing over events and people, in terms of ideas, or images that ought to be the way I want them to be. Being in love not with a human but with an idealized image of the person.

Try to observe how much easier and sweeter it is to love someone when you relate to them as to humans. With feelings, and emotions. With the same underlying need to feel Home.

Recognize that fundamental character within you that is human. Alive, breathing and intelligent. Warm and messy. Pay attention to it and seek to find it in others. Relate to that.

As far as I have noticed, speaking from the head works only as long as there is a common level of comprehension and in ideal cases, a shared vision, or belief. Ideas. Language. Knowledge.

Many times a barrier. "He reads the news he must be a well-informed man." Or "He reads the news he is brainwashed." Sure.

See how two opposing statements are true, each within two distinct scenarios. How many examples of this kind can you find, if you really look into it?

This sense of separation between men is only painful as long as there is a relation between images. Memories. To past, or to unreal versions of selves. ... Time will tell.

Well, these changes are only stages. How this pain can be transformed into passion! How this emotion and vigor can become a language!

A form of you that has jumped in and rode the waves as best as possible in any given circumstance, faced the scene without wavering and came out the other end unbroken. There are no more mistakes.

A mistake is only a lesson that is never learned, only repeated; beating around the bushes. Postponing. Once you figure it out, all past mistakes shift, and exhibit a deeper meaning.

They show hidden clues of certain influences, of sorrow, and confusion. But that's it. There's no need to spend too much time ruminating on these. Move on. Immerse yourself in the things that make you feel alive, richer. Fuller.

Ask yourself... See how far you can expand. Ask yourself this question : What lies in that subtle space between thoughs? Break the patterns.