You seem to be in perfect shape. You eat well, you exercise regularly, you cultivate your mind, all that. You have a stable job, with a stable income. You have a wife or a husband, a life partner who is present. You have a beautiful home. Your parents are supporting you too (maybe) Your work pays well, you have the means to live out your hobbies and passions.

Only, you wake up one day, you realize, you have no passion, you have no dreams. You have no vision. You jump from one idea to the to the next with no precise end goal. You try some new things out. You buy some gear. You set up a shop, maybe… You start a business. You are actually, finally, doing something with your life!

But you still experience pain and anxiety. Why?

Why do we still feel like there is something missing? Something isn’t quite right.

Do we find out?

What is the element that is missing from our lives when seemingly we have everything we need: Home, a companion, food, income, position, you know, all of that.

Or, maybe we have too much of it?

Maybe we have it so easy we forgot what is essential. Integrity. Ethics. And a high enough goal that you have to work for your whole life.

You know, women reach their middle life crisis at around 40 or so. Why?

Because their sole purpose is to deliver and raise children. But after their offspring are grown, and have their own life, some mothers tend to sink into boredom and despair. Why? Could it be they reached their highest goal?

Well in that case hats off! But I still want to know why there is a crisis after one has achieved one’s highest goal.

Or, can there be a goal that would include all of our aspirations? One that would keep us on our toes. One that will make us wake up at 90 with a smile on our face. One single goal that would enable us to live a never ending miracle. Living for the sake of living.

Too vague?

Make your own life valuable by everyday implementing a little bit of that larger goal. That goal that we hardly ever talk about directly. The undisclosed one. The one that cannot be named, only felt.