A little bit about me

I am the type of person who would try out quite a few things before declaring a sense of satisfaction with my endeavors. And even though I have not pursued any socially respectable career for too long, I have found that socially respectable is a very sophisticated way of saying: we give you money and momentary posessions in exchange for your time and integrity. 

I have finished highschool in the linguistic department and within those years I have done work exchange for a few weeks in Portsmouth, England. My diploma certifies translating and writing abilities. But I noticed that no employer has ever had any interest in it, as none asked to see it. After highschool I chose to take two years off and just focus on what I am passionate about and find out what field suits me better. 

Art and Architecture seemed to be closest to my desires, as I have had a rather constructive way of looking at things, at the same time adding my own quirkiness and sense of aesthetic (subjective) to all of my creations. I have graduated Interior Design University in Cluj Napoca, and have worked for some time in the field. I have also collaborated on a few architecture projects along the years... but nothing that would fulfill a sense of being settled with one's job, or position. 

The tasks that I was given were just not enough. I have not been among the best in my class, and even if I did try my best, somehow, my style was a bit too straight-forward, or not commonly acceptable among the representatives of the Academia...

Not that I cared, though. I was more concerned with what life had to offer, having to provide for myself in a foreign city, and trying to answer some of my greater questions. 

Only after reaching a high enough pay and recognition have I finally decided that was it. The amount of compromise I had to do was just far too great for me to continue on the path of a job-oriented career. The psyche was pointing towards another direction: Life, Philosophy and Love.

 I was asked once: can't you go to a daytime, regular job while also pursuing enlightenment and a sense of servitude towards Earth and its Creators? Is the path of evolution that selective? 

Well yes, and no. This will have to examined by each, individually. Nobody can tell you right from wrong just like you cannot choose somebody else's path and make it your own. My real journey started after having all of my posessions given away, or sold. All the lessons I have learned until then were brutal, and painful. But also, immensely gratifying and beautiful. It is true: the most beautiful part comes when you are aching the most. When you feel hopeless, and lonely. 

For that is when you meet the Unspeakable. A sensation that brings chills down your spine and erects the small hairs on your back. It envelops you, and molds you into a more sensible and loving being.

 It tenderly wipes away your tears and helps you stand back on your feet. And you dedicate your life to Him/Her because It brought unlimited Hope when there was none. We are talking about a completely different set of rules now. 

We are going to examine, together, all the Universal laws, and see how they manifest themselves in our daily lives. I bet you can already think of at least one: 

The Law of Attraction.