A course of events

  Sometimes it strucks me, how we take life for granted.

How we take our bodies for granted. Remember we exist as a consequence of cosmic events. All the celestial bodies in all the galaxies, forming, colliding, travelling through space, morphing.

That you are a result of a meteorite shower some billions of years ago bringing in chemical elements, reacting to what was already in place. Life at its origins was very slow, at the same time unfathomably complex.

Fast forward and our ancestors climbed off the tree and looked upon the sky and started to walk, to correlate sounds with meaning, gesticulate, build settlements. This process gave us a strong and straight spine to support our endeavors. We tend to shrink as we age because we look down, too much, and not enough, ahead.

We forget, we think other things are more important. And we tell each other the same things, work hard so you might afford luxuries, so you might show up into society structures as an honorable and respectful individual. Exercise so you might look aesthetically pleasing. So we can attract more attention. More money. More power.

Can work become play? Can we gain only the possessions we strictly need?

Can we learn without judgement? Pay attention. Not repeat the same mistakes over and over. Play out the same roles, same drama, same interactions.

Can we ride the wave by first paying attention to it? Surrender.

Forceful interaction is always met by pain and misfortune, disappointment, anger, hatred.

Can there be absolute Joy, outside of our well-rehearsed rules and regulations? Can there be humility together with a revolution of thought? As times change, so we have to change. Make your life easy. Smile and wave, smile and wave farewell!